Welcome to The George Jacobson Swim School
Steven comes from a very strong swimming background.  Besides his father being a National swimmer, his grandmother in South Africa was also a Provincial level swimmer.  Steven swam internationally and was a member of the 2001 Canadian swim team that traveled to Israel to compete in the Maccabia Games.

Steven attended McMaster University in Hamilton and swam on their swim team, this team being one of the province’s Elite. This swim team proved to be a powerhouse in the province, winning the Ontario title (2000 and 2003) and coming second  (2001 and 2002).

Steven has been teaching alongside his father George Jacobson for the past 15 years.
At the same time Steven earned an
Honors Degree - Bachelor of Kinesiology.
This is a degree that covers all aspects
of human movement.

His vast competitive swimming experience as well as his studies, have provided Steven with a great knowledge of the physical as well as the psychological side of swimming. These assets combined with his patience and love for teaching, has made him an outstanding instructor for kids of all ages.

“I love to see children learn new
skills and gain a sense of safety
in our aquatic environment”
                                                - Steven Jacobson

Steven Jacobson
“George has been a tutor
and mentor to me”
                              - Steven Jacobson